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Nice to Meet You Freshmen!
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September 22 is the first day of registration for 2021 freshmen in our school. Early in the morning, the service staff and volunteers from all departments arrived at the working place and were ready to welcome the arrival of new students with full enthusiasm. School leaders went to the working site of each campus to show condolences to the on-site staff, volunteers, and new students.

Under the normalized epidemic prevention and control, the school made overall arrangements to guarantee a smooth enrollment. Peng Liwei, deputy secretary of the CPC HIE Committee, Chen Chiping, vice president of HIE, Luo Yiping, Zhang Xiaogang and other school leaders went on site to check the freshmen's admission work, and sent condolences to the service staff and volunteers. They asked in detail about the registration work and affirmed the warm and thoughtful services provided by various departments. They urged the staff to do personal protection, provide high-quality services for the freshmen, and go through the admission procedures for the freshmen efficiently and conveniently.

"Upon entering the school gate, you become a member of the HIE family!" Congratulations to the long-awaited HIE newcomers for starting a fresh university life and meeting new challenges!

(Checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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