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HIE’s sports meeting 2021 was closed, witnessing indomitable struggle and fiery passion
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The closing ceremony of HIE’s sports meeting was held on the playing field of main campus in the afternoon of November 10. The vice president Luo Yiping, Zhang Xiaogang attended the ceremony, and organizing committee members, principals of colleges (departments), divisions, offices, teachers and students took part. The ceremony was chaired by Luo Yiping.

Zhang Xiaogang delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. On behalf of HIE, he first extended thanks to all the staff participating in the sports meeting and warm congratulations to teams and athletes achieving excellent results. He said that the sports meeting is a review of the school’s physical education work and the comprehensive quality of teachers and students, and a vivid practice for the school to vigorously advance the reform of “Three All-round Education” and promote the all-round development of students. Zhang Xiaogang hoped that in the future the students of HIE would fully demonstrate the spirit of working hard indefatigably and meeting the challenge bravely, strive to seize the opportunities and unite to fight, so as to build and develop the school well!

Running with the wind, sunshine teenagers looked brave and bright. At the sports meeting, both teacher and student athletes took the stance of making concerted efforts to strive and forge on, showing the vigorous spirit of HIEer.

On the track, the starting gun blasted, and athletes took the wind as their horses and galloped down the track, racing against time and rushing to the finish line like arrows. “Come on, hold on!”“16 minutes 37 seconds 41! You break the record!” In the cheers, Shi Qi, a student of the School of Computer and Communication, Artificial Intelligence major, Class 1902, crossed the finish line and break the record of the men's 5000-meter race which had been kept for 34 years in the school athletic games. In the high jump field, He Cheng, a student of the School of Electrical Engineering and Information, leaped up to the top of the bar with his athletic body and formed the angle of fight and strength with his legs as if the beautiful “rainbow” flitting across, winning the first place in the high jump. He Xia, a student of the School of Computational Science and Electronics, won the championship in the shot put by staying focused to throw the shot put in a perfect arc.

The faculty athletes on the field were in great spirits. They cooperated, sweated, enjoyed the process of sports, and strived to achieve excellent results. The school leaders, including Peng Liwei, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and the chairman of the Labor Union, came to cheer for teachers and students. 16×50m mixed relay tested the teamwork and tacit cooperation of the team members. With the cheers from the sides of the track, the team members had a strong pace and determined eyes, and strove to pass the baton into the hands of their teammates. At the 2021 Autumn Sports Meeting, both teachers and students showed their best performance!

The sports meeting cannot be held without a group of people who made quiet contributions. Medical workers guarded the entrance gate to the playing field, took the temperature of athletes and spectators entering the field, and only those who passed the temperature checks were admitted; volunteers in diverse colors of overalls did their best to create a good competition environment; guardians maintained the order of the sports field with responsibility and commitment; creative trash cans of each college showed the attitude of green development and environmental protection, and various services were provided for athletes by the college gas stations......

After two days of intense but orderly competition, HIE’s sports meeting 2021 was successfully completed with the enthusiastic participation and hard work of all the teachers and students. Although the sports meeting was closed, its sports spirit of unity, hard work and happiness would still be passed on in the hearts of teachers and students.

(Checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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