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Research Achievement of the School of Mechanical Engineering Was Nominated for the 2022 International Eni Award
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Recently, according to the Secretariat of the International Eni Award Scientific Committee, the academic paper (Effects of Different Poses and Wind Speeds on Wind-Induced Vibration Characteristics of A Dish Solar Concentrator System, 2021,168:1308-1326), written by Associate Professor Zuo Hongyan (first author) and Professor Wei Kexiang (corresponding author) of the School of Mechanical Engineering, published on Renewable Energy (IF:8.001) was nominated for the 2022 International Eni Award.

The Eni Award was formally established by the Italian multinational oil and gas giant Eni in 2007. It is the most authoritative and prestigious award in the world energy field, and known as the "Nobel Prize". The scientific committee members of the award come from Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge University and other world-class universities. The past 60 winners of this award are mostly from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and other countries, including 3 Nobel Prize winners.

Since joining HIE in 2019, Associate Professor Zuo Hongyan has devoted herself to energy power equipment safety researches, especially in fields such as heat flow coordination optimization and safety early warning analysis of power battery systems, new energy equipment safety engineering and key technologies. She has published nearly 10 high-level academic papers (including 3 highly cited ESI papers) as the first author or corresponding author in internationally renowned journals such as "Energy Conversion and Management", "Renewable Energy", and "Energy".

(Checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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